Friday, October 05, 2012

Return of the Links of Doom

More creepy goodness from around the web....

Even the poster for Room 237 is scary

An article from the scare-mongers at The Atlantic on why you should let you children watch scary movies: "fear makes up a big part of entertainment for young people—and when done right, can be empowering."

If you're in NYC this weekend, why not take the kids down to Green-Wood Cemetery's Open House? They'll be opening up never-before-seen historic tombs, including that of Charles Feltman, inventor of the hot dog! And then I think they lead you out back where they dump you into a giant sausage grinder and you're never seen again! Or educate you about history or something. I don't know, it's one or the other.

In the leave-the-kids-the-hell-at-home category, we have a screening of Room 237, the new documentary about The Shining, playing at the New York Film Festival on Monday. If you can't make it or don't live in the city, IFC Midnight has picked it up so you should soon be able to stream it from the comfort of your own home or abandoned hotel.

A spooky tale of an encounter with a ghost librarian at the Sweetwater County Library, in Wyoming. I'm sort of obsessed with librarian ghosts. As Borges said, "I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library." I'm always trying to cram a few ghostly libraries on to my walking tours, so this story thrills me, of course, since it backs up my claim that ghosts love libraries. (I'm convinced they do. Theaters, too.)

Finally, the good folks at Spooky Isles have convinced me that I need to move to the UK to truly make a living as a ghost tour guide. The whole place is just one great Isle of the Dead. They've got articles on Peterborough Ghosts, Five Haunted Places to visit in Dublin, and a story on the Desecration of Clophill Church, which sounds like something straight out of an M.R. James tale...

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