Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Fightin' Crime (Pt. II)

This is interesting: did you know that the NYC Municipal Archives has the most comprehensive collection of court records pertaining to the administration of criminal justice in the English-speaking world? It's true. They have records and dockets going back to 1684 and indictment papers and case files for every felony arrest after 1790. If you don't think that's interesting, well, then you just don't know what's what.


bookishnyc said...

And yet, if I want a court file from, say, 2003, it takes the clerk's office three weeks to retrieve it .... LOL! I'd hate to think of the wait for something dating from the late 17th century.
Joking aside, I'd love to look through some of the pre-Revolution era files.

Andrea Janes said...

All right, well now I have an assignment. I'll let you know what I encounter. It probably won't be a stooped old man wearing a visor, leading me through dusty stacks. It'll probably be a sarcastic-looking twenty-something looking at me like, "You want what?"