Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bea Arthur

Beatrice Arthur, beloved by spinsters everywhere, passed away today.

I love this quote from her, circa 2008, in which Arthur "[recalls] with bemusement CBS executives asking about the new "girl." ... '[When I did All in the Family] I was already 50 years old. I had done so much off-Broadway, on Broadway, but they said, `Who is that girl? Let's give her her own series,' Arthur said."

Our good old, 5'9", gravel-voiced, razor-witted girl. I think Dorothy Zbornak would raise her eyebrows at that!

I like to think there's a special heaven for people who made really good TV shows, and that she's up there sharing G&Ts in a tiki bar with Estelle Getty right now.


Anonymous said...

I knew the passing of Bea Arthur would merit some remark! What a gal! (I also think my octogenarian Nana is quite a gal--much, much better than a regular girl!--so no disrepect intended!). For the record, you're quite a gal yourself!

All the best,
Dr. Hausfrau

kay zee said...

Raise a glass to Bea!