Friday, April 17, 2009

Fan Friday: Susan Boyle!

Scottish spinster Susan Boyle! Her YouTube videos have been disabled for embedding, but here's a link that will do just as well. It's a testament to her utter adorableness that I, avid loather of all musical theatre, was a little thrilled by her performance. It's a testament to my own cynicism that I'm afraid it's all just a hoax dreamed up by the BBC ... but if she's a real person, then I love her. She's a heroine to smoldering spinsters everywhere!


P.L. Kerpius said...

How many boxes of tissues to sop up the tears? How many boxes??!

Andrea Janes said...

If I could cry? Six. But I can't. Botched eye-lift.

bookishnyc said...

Totally. I always revel when an otherwise socially invisible spinster triumphs. (I'm still waiting for MY moment in the sun...LOL!!)