Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Damn right

Tip #7 from Ten Ways to Become a Better Film Critic:

Invest Yourself in Other Pursuits
"This point expands on the first and second points, broadening their scope. Not only should a film critic seek to expand their cinematic vocabulary (which is a veritable given considering the profession) and develop an appreciation for all the arts, but they should also invest themselves in other pursuits outside of the cinema or the arts. Although this may seem contradictory, the film critic who only watches films to the exclusion of all other pursuits will deliver introverted, myopic reviews. To put it bluntly, a film critic should have a hobby. To put it even more bluntly than that, a film critic should have a life."

Seriously! So often, when entrapped in conversations (usually with dudes, sorry but it's true) wherein the phrase "You've never seen (insert movie title here)?!?!" comes up, even *I* think, "Dude, do you do anything at all besides watch movies?!"

Or, to use another apt Simpsons quote --

Marge: Homer, these boys are very nice, but they're clearly nerds.


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Evan Derrick said...

Thanks for the linkage, Andrea. Glad you found something to enjoy in the article.

Andrea Janes said...

Pas de tout, Evan, pas de tout. I liked your article and thought you offered very sound advice!

j0yr1de: Once I get going with the Simpsons quotes I can't stop -- I just keep going faster and faster ... like Lisa's perpetual motion machine!

Anonymous said...

Nice Simpsons quote! Widely applicable, I don't think film critics are alone in being nerdy.

Andrea Janes said...

No, our numbers are vast and varied -- the key to the survival of our species.