Monday, November 05, 2007

A Very Merry Unbirthday to Me!

Spinster Aunt is one year old today!

I've really learned a lot this past year: I've learned what certain buttons on my keyboard do, and what other buttons do not -- or should not -- do. I've learned the importance of paragraphs, unrestricted comments, and big photos. I've learned how to link to stuff, and that too many links are annoying. I've learned the value of friendship, the meaning of Christmas, how to love again, and that Spinsterism is a state of mind and not a legally binding state of being (for tax purposes).

I've kept a few promises (to review mystery novels and old movies, to share recipes) and broken others (round-ups, complaint lists, a tribute to Old Men I Particularly Like) and thought up new stuff like the Spinster Travelogue (though I think that was actually created at the suggestion of a fellow Spinster). I've paid tribute to lovely people who've passed away, and to lovely bookstores who are also no more. I've discovered other kindred web-spirits and learned that Technorati doesn't think very much of me. I've been disappointed by my page and profile views, but also liberated by the fact that I can write whatever I want 'cause no one's really reading me anyway.

Ultimately, Spinster Aunt is about engaging more completely in the world around me, especially the texts I inundate myself with in order to stay sane (I do, in fact, medicate with fiction). I can't think of anything worse than reading a bunch of books and forgetting about them entirely in a matter of weeks. The things you love should be put down on record so as not to lose them, and really, this whole thing is about collecting and surrounding yourself with beautiful objects, curios, and things you love, things that delight and surprise you and carry you through the day, such as the pleasures of bourbon and a good cup of tea.

Also, it's Guy Fawkes Day.


Sylvia said...

Happy Birthday!!! I'm impressed by your blog. And after reading several entries, I want to stay at home reading mystery novels and making banana-chocolate muffins. :-)

Spinster Aunt said...

And what a cozy nest you have do to it in now, my dear Sylvia!
Congratulations on your move :)

Daniela said...

Hello Spinster Aunt, and congratulations on your anniversary. I've relished your lively and engaging commentaries. Thanks for sharing a cozy corner of your head with the world. And now, because no anniversary is complete with a quotation from Oscar Wilde, I leave you with a final thought: "Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter."

Levi Stahl said...

Congratulations on the unbirthday, and best wishes for more!

rocketlass said...

Hooray and yay! I'm new to your blog and enjoy it very much. You inspire me to drink, read, and love the creepiness of New York even more than I already do.

dj said...

Bourbon Unbirthday to you, Spinster Aunt!!!

Chewy Chewbecca said...

Happy belated birthday, Spinster Aunt! Yours is the only blog I read, and I will be forever virtually faithful.