Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A vast, isolated swath of land ...

There is some amazingly wonderful news in the NYT today -- Canada is planning to convert acres upon acres of land in the Northwest Territories into parkland!

This headline caught my eye: Canada to Announce Vast New Park! (Well, I added the exclamation point!)

"The Canadian government plans to announce today that it will convert 25.5 million acres of northern woodland into a new national park and wildlife protection areas," writes Ian Austen.

"The result will be one of North America’s largest conservation areas, about 11.5 times the size of Yellowstone Park, and ease pressure from the mining and energy industries on an area that is important for wildlife, if sparsely populated by humans.

'This is the largest land withdrawal for protection ever in Canada,' said Monte Hummel, president of the World Wildlife Fund Canada. 'This is real conservation history being made.'"

This is marvelous news for the True North, Strong and Free, and for the planet. In an era when Bush wants to strip-mine American parks, it's so refreshing to have someone use land for non-commercial purposes.

And The Globe & Mail's coverage contains more about what this means for Native Rights.

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