Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Miss Shamrock Shakes

I'm not crazy about St. Patrick's Day. Too many drunk weirdos for my taste. But I love Shamrock Shakes. When I was little, I used to get a free shake on P-Day because of my green eyes. Does anyone else remember this? Shamrock Shake giveaways for green-eyed people? Did my parents make this up to make me feel "special?" Anyhoo, apparently you can find the elusive elixir in Buffalo and Ireland but not, sadly, in New York City. I might just go to the store and get some mint chocolate chip ice cream instead, but it won't be the same.


ova said...

Traditions keep life balanced. Go and get your green mint icecream for your Shamrock shake.

Andrea Janes said...

Why are my ovaries writing to me?