Tuesday, February 24, 2009

May You Live In Interesting Times

What is this world coming to? First New Yorker shutters forever, then douchey frat bags think they can take over Hollywood? (On the upside, no one will really notice if they do, right?)

It's terribly sad about New Yorker, though.

This Indiewire article runs down just a few of the directors New Yorker introduced us to over the years: Ackerman, Bertolucci, Bresson, Chabrol, Fassbinder, Fellini, Godard, Herzog, Kieslowski, Malle, Rohmer, Rossellini, Sembene, Wenders, Schlondorff, and many others.

Meanwhile, according to this month-old NYT article, Wall Streeters with generous two-year severance packages are apparently trying to break into the movie biz armed with scripts they describe as "Annie Hall meets Swingers." Some especially foolhardy ones aim to start their own production companies.

How many of them, I wonder, have even heard of New Yorker Films?

They would no doubt reply, "Who cares? These are foreign indie films, not HOLLYWOOD movies! We don't need to know about them, we're trying to make money here!"

Lots of people are pissed off that bankers would try to get into the business of film. More corporate number crunchers is not what we need, they would say. To which I would add, more people who really don't give a shit about cinema is also not what we need more of in this industry.

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