Wednesday, November 05, 2008

There's never been a better time for change

I'm talking about screenwriting, of course ...

"If you're a screenwriter, don't be a slave to the three-act structure. And if you're a critic, try to seek out, and evaluate on their own merits, films that don't hew to the three-act structure. The mentality that judges all movies according to the tenets laid out in how-to-write-a-screenplay paperbacks is a big part of the reason why the modern commercial cinema is so boring and predictable. Don't be a part of that mentality."

Found this great quote here and just haddddd to share it.

When read in tandem with the following --

"White elephant art goes in for ravishing technique, viselike consistency, sustained meaningfulness; every detail is pregnant, and enslaved to an overarching scheme that passes for vision ..."

-- it realllllly makes ya think.

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