Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Monday

A little treat in honor of the news today.

This scene always reminds me of the episode of The Simpsons in which they parody, well, this scene:
Bank accountant: I don't have your money here, it's in Bill's house and Fred's house.
Moe: What the hell you doing with my money in your house, Fred?

And everyone starts punching each other.
In other news, The Bowery Boys have what I consider to be one of their best podcasts ever, in which they discuss the history of the New York Stock Exchange. Apparently stockbrokers used to work out of bars, and a place called the Tontine Coffeehouse, which actually worked on the premise of a tontine. Which of course makes me think of yet another Simpsons episode, the Flying Hellfish:

Mr. Burns: Does anyone know what a "tontine" is?
Ox: Duh, it's a written agreement we all enter into in which the surviving member becomes the sole possessor of all them purty pictures.
Mr. Burns: Well put, Oxford.

You can't buy writing like that!

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