Thursday, September 18, 2008

Belle Epoque

There's something about this transitional season that leaves one a bit confused when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. Invariably, some layers will be stripped off by late afternoon, then reapplied when the cool of evening falls. Today I wore black stocking under a summer dress, and was reminded of a Sassy magazine fashion spread of my youth titled "Belle Epoque" in which girls did just that: paired floaty white summery dresses with thick black tights and heavy boots. Clearly Lautrec-inspired.

So I've decided to give all my bright summer dresses one last whirl with cardigans and a pair of tights before I put them away for the season. But I'll be careful to check for fabric compatibility first: certain stockings with some fabrics create the unsightly phenom known as static cling. And one doesn't want to be bare legged in September.

Other clothing news: Goths are, as always, in style. I wonder if this has a little to do with the current economy (the author notes that an all-black wardrobe is convenient for poor people). I also note that the Belle Epoque coincided with the Progressive Era in the U.S., which ocurred right after the Gilded Age. The Gilded Age, of course, ended with a spectacular economic panic. Am I reaching here, or is this all connected, cosmically, somehow?

This Black Frill Check Coat makes me wish I lived in the UK.

Other people also like to dress Belle Epoque, sometimes:

(From Kingdom of Style)

Finally, Tom Tierny might have to be my hero. The man makes historical-costume paper dolls, for goodness' sake.

Stay tuned for more stylish updates, including pictures of Art Nouveau houses by Gaudi and a tribute to Frederic Mares, the ultimate collector.


P.L. Kerpius said...

Awesome post. Have you noticed Burberry's newest punk/goth-inspired additions? Found this photo online, but inside the pages of any Vogue from the past few months reveals a lot more. Their coats are just tremendous (as are their prices!)

Andrea Janes said...

Marvelous. I love their intimidating umbrellas ... I picture myself using mine to poke out Agnyess Deyn's eyes.