Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ghost Stories Live! Christmas Edition

'Tis the season to be WARY...!

Especially on Thursday Dec. 20th when we present our special holiday spooktacular!

Featuring TRADITIONAL ghost story fare from the master of the genre: M. R. James. On this fabulous, festive, and fearsome one-night-only event, we'll be screening (along with some ghostly cartoons) a digest-version of the black & white classic horror film
THE CURSE OF THE DEMON, adapted from James' "Casting the Runes" and then presenting a full-cast dramatization of James' short story: "There Was a Man Dwelt by a Churchyard" with a brand-new puppet from the chapped & bloody hands of SidMarty Lovecraft!!!
And your very own Spinster Aunt will be reading both a NEW ghost story and moderating our TRUE ghost story segment, including our new OPEN MIC ghost story FEATURE. If you have a haunted holiday tale to tell, please do come!

All this and creepy holiday decorations, moody viola music played LIVE! and of course, presided over by your host PUGSLEY THE FIENDLY GHOST, will delight your eyes, ears, and livers! So come for the grog, stay for the ghosts, and join us at Bar 82 on Dec. 20th, for Ghost Stories Live!

Must be 21 or older to attend. Admission: $5


Undine said...

The good news is: You have an award. Bad news: Unlike the Nobel, you don't get a wad of cash with it.

Daniela said...

Sounds so festively fun! I wish I could be there. W (aged 4) and I are reading an abridged Christmas Carol right now. It's never to early to let them know that spirits walk among us on Christmas Eve!

Andrea Janes said...

Daniela, no child is too young for super scary ghost stories. That's my official stance on the subject.

Undine, I am so excited about this cashless award you mention. Let it be agreed that we are all very lovely!