Thursday, January 12, 2012

Updates on my brain PLUS! Bribery!

I just finished my YA novel. How triumphant! How enriching! How... much work I still have left to do!

Sweet balls there's a lot of it! Polishing the damn thing, to begin with. Then shopping it 'round to all the likely agents and bracing myself for the 6 million inevitable rejections while I twaddle my thumbs and play the waiting game. This greatly benefits my blog-reading audience (hello mum!) because I'll finally have time to sit down and transcribe alllll those brilliant thoughts I've been having while also updating you on all the literary news here in New York City -- because I've got my ear to the ground and my finger on the pulse of this city! (Putting your ear on the ground helps your finger hear the pulse better, FYI. That's kind of common knowledge in the Industry.)

Obviously I've descended into a kind of madness (see nonsensical metaphor, above) so this should be a lot of fun for you people. I hope to have links to more of my very public ramblings here soon, as well as a few private ones for the six readers of this blog. Cheerio!


P.S. The bribery! I almost forgot! Like my book's Facebook page and I'll send you a PDF copy of my book OR a handwritten thank you note! Really!

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