Monday, January 17, 2011

Goblin markets

Lately I've been getting back into fairy tales, having read some great contemporary updates in recent months (e.g. Baba Yaga Laid an Egg) and I'm pleased to see the form is thriving online. A couple of intriguing sites I've stumbled upon recently include Cabinet des Fees, Enchanted Conversation, and the sensibly named Fairy Tale Review. I like the sense of continuation and collaboration as new stories from multiple authors mesh with existing narratives. The Fairy Tale Review organizes its issues by color -- this month's is red, abounding with tales of the girl in the riding hood, and an upcoming issue will be gray. Enchanted Conversation favors story-based themes, with every issue focusing on a specific fairy tale. Upcoming: Rumplestiltskin. EC's editor also has a blog called Diamonds and Toads, where she muses on all things fairy tale with great passion and visual panache. Finally, Cabinet des Fees is a quasi-highbrow affair that tempers whimsy with some sturdy academic offerings, making it a good source for further (non-fiction) reading in addition to its short stories. My only problem at this point is finding enough hours in the day to read everything therein, so if anyone has any spells for stopping time, let me know.

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