Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What, You've Never Been?

Prauge in winter is generally unassuming, drab and gray ... until it snows. When it snows, "Prague at once becomes a little old-world town all countrified and old-fashioned, quaintly baroque," in the words of Karel Capek. "Even the Vltava does not move; the tram tinkles like a sledge ... Then when the moon shines on it all, what happens cannot even be expressed: Prague crouches down and makes herself quite little; she holds her breath; the snow rings like glass under-foot, the roofs press themselves down to the ground, everything huddles together icily, and it is so light, so strangely light ..." Sorry for the stock photo and quote-heavy post, but I'm far too agog to write anything at the moment. Personal photos and coherent descriptions of Prague Castle, the Mucha "museum" and other delights to follow.


P.L. Kerpius said...

You are in Prague? You are in Prague!

Anonymous said...

Ah, Prague... You give me more and more reasons to visit one day myself. A.