Monday, October 06, 2008

Two Girls Named Marie

In a world of my own, film criticism would just be pictures ...

Also, I have just saved you 90 minutes.


Colin said...

So is it good or not?

Would I like it?

Is it anything like *Celine & Julie Go Boating*? I loved that.

Andrea Janes said...

It's moderately good, but doesn't inspire strong feelings in me, mainly I find it stylish but empty. It's not really like Celine and Julie, although I'm posting on them in tandem because they're sort of similar on the surface (two girls who are versions of each other create a fantasy world) but Celine and Julie is the better movie, and had far, far more appealing elements -- the mystery, the Alice in Wonderland feel. The depth of it far outstrips Daisies, which is only surface (and I think it only means to be), as does the delight of it.