Thursday, February 07, 2008

Funny Ha Ha or Comical Education of Young Girls

There's a film series screening in London England right now devoted entirely to comediennes of the silent era -- sweet!

Called Clowning Glories and Screwball Women, it features films in which Mary Pickford makes 'em laugh, and couple of gems starring my personal heroine, Mabel Normand! Hurrah! Now make this a traveling road show already and bring it over to New York City!

In other news, check out Scarlett Cinema's Women Aren't Funny, a weeklong series devoted to women in comedy: up-and-coming filmmakers and comics, reviews of all-female comedy shows.


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Anonymous said...

Andrea, who ever you are, I am about to watch your Rec Howard Hawkes film. I, too, am a fan of witty comedy so that means a lot of women. I came on the site interested in Minnie Deveraux, so any information on her. And of course I'm a Mabel Normand fan. Any more info on the British series?