Monday, October 08, 2007

So Very Sleepy

Yesterday I cleaned for nine hours. I was scrubbing off shower-tile mold in my bathroom with a toothbrush at 10:30 p.m., wearing swim goggles and a bra. Afterward, I felt a brief sense of accomplishment, until I looked at the tiles on the floor, where each tiny sludge-filled crack called out for my attention. It filled me with a kind of madness.

Today I am exhausted. Moving sucks. Cleaning sucks. Breathing in bleach fumes ain't right.

I haven't posted in ages because scrubbing mold off the tiles in my bathroom is the most interesting thing I've done in thirty days. Well, that and I made this swell list of my likes and dislikes. (God, Working Girl is a great movie, isn't it?) Also, I am no longer a Spinster, but I won't bother to change the name of my blog.

Tomorrow I may bake banana-chocolate-chip muffins.

That is all.

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