Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Partners and Crime

I need to talk about my new favorite bookstore.

Partners and Crime is a specialty bookshop in Greenwich Village that I used to walk by all the time and recently (finally) I stopped in and was super impressed. This place is such a wonderful time-trap for anyone interested in the mystery/thriller genre (and happens to be shopping in New York City). They have an amazing array of used, new, paperback, hardcover, staff picks, and the “Top 100” novels. Proprietress Maggie is a font of knowledge who discourses easily with genre veterans, newbies and out of towners alike. Endearingly, she knows the regulars by name, and she indulged all my recent-convert zealousness by making me a short list of books to read. If you want to join the ranks of the exacting, obsessive mystery fan, this store is the place to start.

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